Sourcing new designers

What we do

We source the newest designers, brands, styles and trends. We help retailers, wholesalers, press/media, fashion influencers and the public stay current by introducing them to high-end and emerging designers.

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We create and organize fashion related events both large-scale and small designed to inform and educate press, industry, and the public about new brands. We organize press lunches, promotional events, fashion shows, seminars and more.

We produce fashion shows showcasing up-and-coming designers during New York Fashion Week and beyond. Attendees include, press, media, buyers, editors, fashion influencers and the public.

 press/industry events

Fashion Show Production




We use a multitude of strategies to help new brands gain exposure. These strategies include; events, online marketing, social media, public relations, communications and trade events to name a few. 

Help designers gain exposure